1. Recently in the last week or so I have noticed that my oil pressure is running quite higher than normal. I checked my oil level and it was fine. Any clues where to start? Might the pressure guage be going bad? Thanks for the input.

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    Similar issue happened to me and it was the pressure sender. never showed low, always bobbed around the 2/3's mark (cant remember the value) & got worse when it warmed up. another thing, check the pcv like breather at the top/rear of the engine, last winter mine clogged with frozen condensation and caused my pressure to skyrocket and oil to shoot out of my dipstick filler tube.

    and lastly... a clogged oil filter???

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    Thanks JP,
    Will check out the pressure sender and pcv breather at the end of the valve cover, but don't think it's the oil filter (just replaced a few weeks ago). With the pressure sender: where is it? does it DO anything or just take pressure readings? meaning- if it goes bad can I get away with not replacing it for a while? Also, do you know how much$?
    Forgot to mention: I have a '91 with the 4.0 I just checked it driving aound again and when Im cruising it reads about 75 (which is about 90-95% on the guage) then on idle it drops down and bobbs at around 50-60 (60% on the guage).

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    The pressure sender just takes readings, if it is bad yes you can drive it problem free, BUT replacing it is the only way of knowing if you really have a problem. Driving your jeep with legitimate high pressure will cause bigtime problems like blown seals, leaks, etc...
    I've got a 2.5 and mine was on the block in front of the distributor. its easy to find: its about a 1x1 inch "can" screwed into the block, with a harness with a single wire going coming out of it.

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    Replace the oil pressure sensor

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