1. Can some one tell the front differential angle for a 1989 Jeep Wrangler?

    When I got my jeep it did not have a front differential...now I want to install one, but I do not know the right angle.

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    YJ Front Differential Angle

    the angle of the differential is deterrimined by the amount of lift your jeep has. best bet is to eye-ball it and line it up so that the pinion is as close to being straight with the driveshaft as possiable. i have heard many people say to also simply point the pinion towards the TC output yoke.( it there is no CV). if there is a CV in the driveshaft point the pion just under the TC output yoke.

    hope this helps.

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    What? Wait a second... what do you mean
    When I got my jeep it did not have a front differential
    ? All wranglers are 4wd, therefore you must have a front axle, therefore you must have a front differential.

    Maybe you didn't have a front driveshaft, but even that sounds hokey. Either way, the pinion angle of the front differential housing should be nearly parallel with the ground. Maybe 2 to 5 degrees inclined towards the transfer case.

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    The front pinion should be parallel with the transfer case front output, with a stock driveshaft.

    More importantly you want to pay close attention to the amount of caster the front axle has in order to achieve safe handling.

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    Tell us more as to why your Wrangler came with no front differential. What type of front axle did it have?

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    I purchased my YJ, Used, from a guy that had in a back yard. It did not have a front differential, but I found one in a Junk Yard. The engine was on the jeep, but it was missing the head. Also, it had a manual transmission. I have installed an automatic one and an NP242 Transfer out a Grand Cherokee.

    I have installed a Pro Comp Coil conversion on my Jeep, but I did not get the diff angle (Recommended on the instructions) before installing it.

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    So the entire front axle was gone? Or just the differential?

    Just set the caster back to the stock specs and your pinion angle will be fine. Caster should be around -7* I think.

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    don't want to take over this post, but Bounty, what angle should I have the front diff at with a 6 inch lift? Or where can I find out?
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    I wouldn't worry about the angle of the pinion, just the caster setting. You want to keep that jeep going straight with the correct caster. IF, and that's a big if, you get vibes, you'll need to have the knuckles cut from the axle and turned to point the pinion up without losing caster.

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    in thr front, the pinion should always retain a stock angle no matter what lift you have.. when you lift, the TC stays parallel to the pinion angle, and it should stay that way
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    Unless.... you have enough lift to necessitate a double-cardan front driveshaft, then the pinion should point at the TC yoke. But there are a lot of 'what if's'.

    Anybody ever make a homemade tool to check caster? I need to, should only take 3 pieces of scrap metal and an angle finder.

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    1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    ok, I got it...I have to find the right caster angle. Some people have told me that it is 5-7 degrees some have told me that it is 7-9 degrees.

    I do not know if they are talking about positive or negative degrees and why so be of a difference (5-9)

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