1. Heres the deal I have another set of axles of my cj7 that are the same year but have 4:11 gears, the set in my jeep has 3:23's or higher.. the axles in the jeep now have new brakes new 1 piece rear axles new yokes and seals..the axle with the 4:11 do not. Should I switch the axles or can I just switch out the gear sets without much problem?
    thanks for all your help

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    I would just swap the axle shafts and brakes from the old axle into the one with 4.11s.

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    front end trouble.

    Ya. swapping the brakes and 1 piece shafts is easier/cheaper than setting up gears.

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    yeah, just switch axle tubes, keep your brakes and shafts
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