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    I recently banged up my front left and right fenders on 2 different trail rides. So before it gets any worse, I purchased a set of Warrior Products front fender protectors. They are black diamond plate and contoured to the fit of the fender. What I need help on is how exactly to mount them. I'd like to use black screws so it's all black.

    Also, the only piece of chrome on my Jeep is the front headlight bezels. I'd like to paint them black to achieve the whole black and blue only on my Jeep.

    Any ideas on how these can be done and if anyone has done these before?
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  2. I would suggest using pop rivets instead of screws. That way you don't have to worry about scratching yourself every time you reach under the hood.
    As far as the headlight bezels: take them off, prime them and piant them. Some decent Rustoleum will work.
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    Before you prime them you might want to rough them up with some steel wool just to make the paint stick a little better. Use a VERY fine grade wool then go with what rooster said.

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    Ox Locker

    You will have to mark and drill to mount those. Remember to Doctor the bare metal before installing the Fender guards. I couldn't find any Black Rivets so I went with the Regular Steal color. The Rivet Tool can be purchased for around $20 bucks.

    Use Sand paper for the Bezels. A really fine grit that way you don't have any indentions on your paint. Then clean them well with a non-petroleum cleaner (Since they are plastic behind that chrome. Then spray them up.
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    As for the pop rivits, thats a good idea over screws, you can always drill them out if you want to take them off. The shop i work at uses them all the time and we just paint them to match the color up. Just stick em in a piece of foam and spray them with the nails sticking up.
    The lights you do NOT want to use a sand paper, if it is really fine paper it will most likely make scratches that will still show up. Just to be safe go buy a fine grade scratch pad. They change in color with the grade of the "grit". I would use maroon or grey, grey is the lighter of the two.
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    painting the bezels, use a maroon scotch brite, then prime it with self etching primer. Then paint 'em black.

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