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    I have a '98 SE with the 3spd auto, so I assume i have the 3.73:1 gearing, I have a 4" suspension lift and 30X9.5" tires, I get about 10 MPG. I need better milage, I have a brand new air filter and had an alignment... there is only 37,000 miles on it, any ideas? I also am going to put 33's on there shortly, making my gas milage even worse... I was told 15-17 is the norm even with the auto trans... Please help me out... I want a 8cyl, but there is no way I can afford that...

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    I don't know what gears are stock on a TJ, but 3.73 sounds high. I believe my CJ came stock with 2.73, any yours is probably closer to that. Have you upgraded the tires at all? It doesn't sound like you've done anything to effect the gas mileage, So I'm not sure why you'd get only 10 MPG.

    What did you get as far as milage when it was new, and when did the milage drop (sounds like more than just big tires to me)

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    I have a 98' Wrangler with a 4in suspension with 33" tires. 4.0/auto trans. I get on the average 13mpg. I added a Jacobs pro street ignition system , k&n filter, and a street performance helix plate. check your gears, unless you ordered the 3.73, you probbly have a 3.08, which is the standerd gear in the dana 35 axle.

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