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  1. I have a set of the Hella black magic lights, and I'm wondering where they should go. I like them in both places, windshield frame and bumper. Which do you guys think I should put them?

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    I say bumper to keep Hood-Glare down. But that is just me.
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    1 vote for the windshield pillars to keep the light up and out of the way from rocks and brush. just my opinion.

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    How about on my jeep! I like them there! I have 4 hella's on the front, and never had a issue with them hitting anything!
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    I'm sorry but I think "hood glare" is a myth. I have 150w KCs on my windshield hinges... no hood glare. I think they look better on the hinges but you could use them more if you put them on the bumper... anything over the headlights can only be used offroad, thats what the cop told me when he pulled me over!
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    Thanks Joop, I was wondering about the legality of lights. I think I'm putting them on the bumper, b/c I don't plan on doing to much bush wacking, or tree smashing.

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    I think the best reason for mounting lights higher than the headlights is for deep water/mud crossing. The only reason I can see for bumper mounted lights is fog lights while highway driving or navigating rock trails at night. In the latter case, I would use "under-body-lighting" as demonstrated here:

    I'm doing the UBL next month.

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