After a full driveline swap and not moving since September the yj finally gets to come out of the garage. It started out pretty stock, just a lockrite in the rear, home made shackle lift and 31" mudkings. My cousin and I bought a 79 Cherokee because he wanted the AMC 360 engine it had. After looking into it I wanted the Turbo 400 trans and dana 44 front and rear axles. We went SOA and I picked up a set of 35" Wrangler MTRs.(the old good ones, not the new stupid ones.) Add a Hurst Promatic 2 ratchet shifter into the mix and this thing is getting cool fast imo. I will eb making my drag link tomorrow (thats right, we backed her up the ramp with no steering!) and do a good shakedown run and then put it away until spring when i will do all the finishing touches.