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    Anti-Freeze brand

    Just changed out the radiator on my 2006 Jeep Liberty 4wd 3.7 auto tran with just over 100k miles on it. Bought some Zerex GO5 anti freeze to charge the system with but before I do I wanted to make sure that it won't cause a problem with the cooling system since Mopar anti freeze is recommended. Problem with the Mopar stuff is it's too darn expensive.

    Says on the Zerex container that it's ok for Chrysler products & the Autozone tech says it's "probably" ok.

    What do you all have to say about it? Should I use the Mopar stuff & be done with it or do you think this Zerex stuff will suffice?

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    Anti-Freeze brand

    You have the correct stuff

    The biggest mistake is mixing fluids

    Like GO5 and dextron. Together they gel up and stick inside reducing the cooling.

    Never look down on anyone unless you are helping them up - Jesse Jackson
    "Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up" - Jesse Jackson

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    Re: Anti-Freeze brand

    Thanks for the affirmation. I suspected the stuff was ok but getting the go ahead from others like you is great.

    Thanks again

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