3.7L Liberty front crankshaft seal


Looks like I have a slight leak coming from what looks like the front crank seal on my 2006 3.7L Liberty with 100k+ miles on it.

Not 100% sure that's where the leak is coming from but it is definitely motor oil & not tranny or PS pump fluid.

Had my steering fluid flushed & replaced a few months ago & the mechanic that worked on it splashed hydraulic fluid all over the place down around the rack, but it doesn't appear that that's where the leak is for 2 reasons. #1) the leak looks & feels like motor oil & #2) it's been a long time since that happened.

Is this a job that can be done by the individual owner or is it recommended that an auto shop do it?

From what I can tell off hand, it looks like the biggest obstacle to getting access to that front seal is the large crank pulley.

Anyone have any advice, recommendations or experience replacing one of these?

Also, is it typical for a front seal on one of these engines to go bad after just 100k miles. Seems like they should last a lot longer than that.