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    What brand of throttle body is recommended? Quality is the most important but price is still a consideration. 2008 Jeep Compass.

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    your throttle body went bad? like its worn out or did a sensor go out?

    i would check out what other dodge/jeep/chrysler vehicles have your same engine and look in the junkyard
    03 rhd tj

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    Not 100% sure yet. I just want to be prepared. Most times I figure OEM is best. Thank-you superj

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    no problem
    03 rhd tj

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    Throttle Body

    I bought Standard Motor Products from Rock auto for a patriot. I think same engine.
    They offer MOPAR but are out of inventory.

    What is the issue you have?

    Did you try cleaning the TB and look inside the intake for pooled oil?

    Never look down on anyone unless you are helping them up - Jesse Jackson
    "Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up" - Jesse Jackson

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    Re: Throttle Body

    It's my girlfriends Jeep. Her mechanic told her that it was the Throttle Body.

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