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    Are you sure it's Christmas?

    I've been in Phoenix all week installing a couple of phone systems, and really like it here. It's a beautiful area, but what's up with the temperature? 80 degrees in December - is this normal for Arizona?

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    AZ weather is a whole lot of crap. It's always sunny and hot. It is about 10 above normal. Be happy you aren't here in the summer. 115 - 118 ... . AT NIGHT! I'm all for sunny but only about 15 days of rain a year as of late. Winters are mild and usually shirt sleeve temps.
    Glad you like your visit. Its a great place to visit for a week or so but by then you have seen averything.
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    Re: Are you sure it's Christmas?

    I was impressed with AZ for the week I was there - It's really beautiful, and the Phoenix area seemed to be well maintained. definably a nice place, in the winter at least.

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    Re: Are you sure it's Christmas?

    Ha ha, Hey we get along, Us Zonies, most o us, like the HEAT. It may be hot but at least it's rarely cool. We've been having SUPER cold temps here recently here. It was 28 low a few days ago up here bout 100 or so miles from Phoenix. Too cold for me, I prefer heat to cold and shiver when it gets below 80.

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