1987 AMC/Jeep Wagoneer XJ Limited fix-up progress and discussion


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Hi everyone.

It's been a while tinkering with the $300 Wagoneer. I'm having a lot of fun working on it.

So far

* I've cleaned it up a bit, removed old decals, stickers, emblems, adhesives. (free)

* I sanded, wire brushed, sealed, filled, and put "chip guard" along the rockers and bottom panels. ($8) This also serves as a primer for whenever I can afford three single stage cans of 4B Mocha Brown Metallic spray paint.

* I replaced the muffler and fittings ($30)

* Replaced the fuel filter ($10)

* Flushed out and refilled coolant system ($12)

* Oil change and new plug ($30)

* Greased all fittings (free)

* Cleaned throttle body, which I learned is a multi injection system (free)

* Sanded and painted wheels ($6)

* Sandblasted and painted/primed gas door (free)

* Installed new front brake calipers ($50)

* Replacement oxygen filter ordered ($36)

All in all about $190 in repairs.

The main things I want to get done now are to finish painting and sealing, getting some quick struts in all around before winter as this will be my work commute vehicle. This will be the most expensive, at about $80 per strut assembly and $33 per can of paint. If anyone has some struts to sell or support they could provide I would greatly appreciate it.

In the future I would like to:

* Replace all lights and bulbs

* Replace vinyl

* Alignment

* Transmission flush

Attached are a couple before and after pictures.

Thanks for the interest and support everyone. 20221103_104219.jpeg20221103_104147.jpeg20221103_104115.jpeg

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Good job!
Looks clean!

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