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    Pinch Weld Seam JK

    This was a snap to do. I did not even have to remove my tires.

    01 Jack up the Jeep and support it from the strong bumper.

    Pinch Weld Seam JK-pinch310.jpg

    02 This is the piece your going to remove.

    Pinch Weld Seam JK-pincha10.jpg

    03 Use your cut off wheel to remove the piece.

    Pinch Weld Seam JK-pinch110.jpg

    04 The little pain piece removed.

    Pinch Weld Seam JK-pinch210.jpg

    05 Grind it smooth, Ospho it paint it and your done.

    Mine did not have to be welded it is still held together by the factory spot welds. It took longer to jack the Jeep up than to do this mod.
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    Re: Pinch Weld Seam JK

    Is this something that needs to be done on all JKs? It looks like that metal / pinch weld could do some good damage to your tire.
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    It clears the tire by a few inches. Its far from necessary unless your putting BIG tires on with NO lift... It would be one of the many contact points. Mostly it just looks stupid so a lot of people cut it off.

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