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    I have a 2002 Jeep GCL. When I put the jeep in reverse I hear a clunk. I had brought the jeep to the dealer to have it checked because I thought it was the stabilizer bar bushings, and they only lubed the brushings and told me there wasn't anything wrong. But to me this is not normal. I even let the engine idle a little, before i shift it into reverse so that it would be in rush from the starting rpms. Did anyone ever experience this type of issue. If so what could it be?

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    Well i have had the same problem and every dealership i have check with and evey shop i have check with all told me this was normal becazuse jeeps are heavy suv's, i dont thik its normal but i havent found an answer yet....

    i HAVE A 2000 JEEP GCL 4x4

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    RE: New to this side!

    check your transmission fluid level...

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    RE: 2002 GCL Clunks when put into reverse

    check your u-joints for slop. also check the diff too.

    try shifting into reverse and take your foot off the brake before it is fully engaged, see if it lessens the clunk. this should tell you whether it is the trans or the driveshaft/gears.
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