00 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo no start after heater core R&R


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00 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo no start after heater core R&R​


Hello all
I like the first say thank you for all the helpful information in these forms. I'm having a similar problem with my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. We recently changed the heater core and after putting everything back together it won't start. I've checked all the connections we removed during – removal and they're all good. Checked all the fuses and swapped some relays around. They're all good as well. I noticed that two wires orange and white with red trace were pulled out of the white connector on the solenoid on BTSI I have reattached these cables but noticed that they don't have power. When the key is on if the key is in the farthest position back I cannot shift. But if I roll it over once I'm able to shift when I touch the brake the solenoid doesn't click if I apply power to the orange cable, the dash lights come on. Side note I have hazard lights, horn, high beams, headlights, and break lights. Turn signals do not work but hazards do wipers do not work. I'm assuming that the key is not working correctly and not turning everything on. I've tried to change the tumbler out but it did the same thing. If I could get any help that would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.

I'm not familiar with Grand Cherokees - when you replace the heater core, did you have to remove the entire dash to get to it?

I think you are onto something with the wires that were pulled from the brake transmission shift interlock. If that isn't right, the truck will not start. I would go back to that connector and verify it's wired correctly and making good contact.

Sounds like you may have more than one problem you are fighting.
I agree we did not fully remove dash just enough to remove HVAC we followed a YouTube video step by step. When thos probably occurred I went back and checked everything we took loose. But still it has no power when key is turned.

I have not tried im currently away from the vehicle but I'll definitely try when I get home. But I'm assuming it won't work since I have no power to dash.
When you turn the key do you get power to things ign powered? Id check and clean all ground points.

Could you explain i. More detail no start?
You turn key and no power? No sound? Turns but dids noy run? Tried but will not catch !

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Ok so I turn the key forward and nothing comes on no dash lights no radio I'll turn it all the way forward and it doesn't feel any different no crank no clicks. I will hear a constant beep if I turn it all the way and push the key inward

Thank you to everyone who helped me out with this your intel is amazing.
turns out it was the ignition switch pin it snapped cleanly in half.
I was going to ask if the key clicked when turning. That happened to me and without warning.

Never look down on anyone unless you are helping them up - Jesse Jackson