1. Question Whining sound Trans?

    2003 grand cherokee v8 Ok, maybe I have just noticed this. Something is making this loud whining noise. Sounds like a jet engine reving up kind of, except it doesn't sound like the engine.
    It speeds up when I do. Is the transmission going?Only 60k miles on it. Any ideas?

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    Re: Whining sound Trans?

    Is this noise audible with the radio on or off? Which engine do you have?
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    Re: Whining sound Trans?

    OK I not the transmission unless I have 2 bad problems. I pressed the gas sitting still in park and it made the same noise as moving so I guessed not the trans, but I was able to check underhood today,no storms like yesterday and found that the power steering fluid has totally leaked out.It appears to have leaked from high pressure hose going into the power steering pump from around the nut connecting it. Do you think the pump went bad and I need to replace or is there a gasket of some sort where it attaches to the pump?I think that might be where all the noise was coming from. WHat would you do? SHould I try tightening that nut and refill to see if it still leaks or is the pump detroyed running empty. Funny the steering didn't seem weird until today.

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    Re: Whining sound Trans?

    4.7 v8 engine I just posted photos in my gallery. One is a pic where the leak is coming from it looks gold because I was pointing the light on the leak. The other is the hose that is connected at the leak. It is metal on the ends.

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    Re: Whining sound Trans?

    I tried to tighten the end of the coolant hose that is leaking.It is as tight as it will go. It feels loose, it has play in it. Is there a gasket or something that could have deterioated making it loose?
    THe pic on the left is the connection that is leaking, about 4 o'clock from the yellow cap,metal line. THe pic on the right shows the metal line going into the mesh covered part of the line, it is the second hose in from the right.
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