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    Anyone tried "TreadWright" tires? formerly "HiTech"

    I was browsing the web looking for tires and came across TreadWright tires, they ARE re-treads, but come with a warranty, and I've looked high and low for a bad review of them but cannot find one. I'm going to order a set of 30X9.50's for my XJ, they're only $70 each, meaning I can buy 5, having a full size spare for way less than it would cost for 4 "new" tires. They also have a few different tread designs as well, they have the traditional mud tire tread, a tread that looks exactly like the old Goodyear MT/R's, and an a/t tread that looks exactly like the BFG AT/KO, has anyone on here ran TreadWrights before? I'd order 31s but their site says that you have to way 2-3 weeks for 31's because they're in such high demand. Their site is Retread Tires - Buy Retread Tires, Cheap Tires, and Retreads Online, just thought I'd give ya'll a heads up, when I get some I'll take some pics and give my thoughts on 'em, thanks guys/gals:)

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    Re: Anyone tried "TreadWright" tires? formerly "HiTech"

    I've ran them, as have a few members of my jeep club, with no issues. I wheeled mine pretty hard, even ran them on the road for short distances at trail pressure, and they held up fine. No complaints here.

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    Re: Anyone tried "TreadWright" tires? formerly "HiTech"

    i run them on my work truck,no problems in 3 sets and customer service is bar none the best ive dealt with

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    Re: Anyone tried "TreadWright" tires? formerly "HiTech"

    Several guys in my Jeep club run them with no complaints and pretty good performance. I was going to get them but they discontinued the 33's.

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