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  • Hi, BH, I am brand new on here, but came across your posts as I was doing some research. I'm considering a 90 Cherokee XJ and want to know if you think it is a good investment? It has a D35 rear. I want to know if I put a D44 on it, would it become a great vehicle. These are some of what has already been done to it: 6" lift, 33" tires, after market rims, Lots of new parts done by a 4x4 shop, No death wobble at any speeds including highway.

    Good investment for daily driver and serious off-roading? Or is getting the 94-96 still a much better choice?
    I run a Wagoneer d44 in the front and a rear d44 from a mid '90s Isuzu Rodeo. They've got the same 6-lug wheel pattern and 4whl disc brakes. The rear has a spool and the front a mini-spool. 5.38 gears and high-steer.
    You recently told me about your YJ running a TJ airtube with a K&N filter.....

    I'd love to see a pic or two of your setup, I'm most likely doing this mod, but I'm thinking of how to keep it away from the water. I talked to a friend who though that mod may make it to susceptible to water intake.... thoughts? Again, pics would be a big help!
    I also run a 1" body lift but use stock springs and put them on top of the axles. I also run TJ fender flares which add some tire clearance. Be sure to properly extend your bumpstops to keep the tires out of the fenders when the suspension compresses.
    Well i saw what you had for your setup on you yj i have a 95 yj and want to lift it I have 3" suspension and 1" body on 33" but I want to get possibly a 6" suspension keep my body and then run 35" just wondering what you did Thanks for your time John.
    You can not use the AX5 behind the 4.0L, it will not bolt up. You can use the ZJ motor/transmission/transfer case if you use the computer and wiring as well. Chances are the transfer case will be clocked lower in the ZJ drivetrain so it will reduce ground clearance and hit the skid.
    Hey man, could you possibly help me out, I want to do an engine swap on my 97' TJ. I already took out the 2.5, and I bought a 4.0 with tranny and TC from a 1993 grand cherokee. I have a manual ax5 from my 2.5 and was wonding if I just swapped the fly wheel if it would work for the 4.0l? also would it even be possible to use all three grand cherokee parts in my tj? I already have the computer from the cherokee, so I was wondering what all i needed to do this swap. I need to do it asap. so could you please help me out?
    Would like to thank you for all you help and sorry to say that I live in Las Vegas NV. But I was wondering if I can e-mail you a few pic's to tell me what needs to be done with a few questions I have.
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