1. No power to fuel pump or gauges

    98 cherokee sport. It started just fine the other night ran back inside for a minute and it had died. Now it wont start. All it does is crank over but wont start. Fuel pump is not kicking on so it may be that. But what we cant figure out is why the gauges wont work when im key is in on position. So it sounds like im not getn power somewhere. My question is, is there anything that ties the fuel pump and gauges preventing them to not work??? Need help so I dont change pump if I dont have to.

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    Re: No power to fuel pump or gauges

    My first thought would be checking all the fuses under the hood and inside the cabin. Does the cluster have a digital odometer?, if it does, does it display "no bus"?. If it does, check your connections on the ECU/PCM and verify that there is no corrosion, bad connnections, pulled out pins and or fretting in the pins. Is there a DTC(Check engine light on)?, if there is, get it scanned and see what the dtc is. Check the ignition switch connectors and verify that the run position has 12volts with key on. My guess at this point would be either crank sensor or pcm however, the crank sensor would not always knock out the gauges unless it's a short to ground on the sensor circuit but it will prevent the fuel pump from energizing if the pcm does not see a reference on the ignition timing.
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    Started with the fuses and fuel relay and they were ok. Ill check those others out.

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    Fuel pump still works. Found that out by taking the relay apart and played with it to see if the pump kicks on. It did. So theres no power signal from ignition to relay. So guna try a new ignition tomorrow.
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