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    im going to cut off my air box and remove it out of my xj and in its place im going to trow in the biggest K and N i can find. So far ive found the RE-0820.

    the dinensions on that are: 3"FLG, 6"OD-B, 4-5/8"OD-T, 14"H

    if somebody can find a bigger one i would be stoked. in fact ill make a game out of it. whoever finds the biggest k and n wins! [addsig]

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    so... if we find you one that's 3 feet tall, how are you gonna cram it in!? [addsig]

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    The one I have in my Jeep is a perfect fit. Originally designed for a Chevy 454. The number should be E1796. It clamps right onto the air box hose!!! [addsig]
    2001 XJ
    3\" BDS lift with all goodies
    31x10.50R15 BF AT
    15x7 AR Outlaw II
    flowmaster 40, homemade cone intake
    IPF H4 harness/lens with 80/100W bulbs
    hella 550\'s
    more coming.


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    Sure, if they did make them in giant sizes like that i would just run the filter under the radiator. But im sure they dont make one thats too big to fit in that area where the airbox is. [addsig]

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