1. Transmission over temp issue...is back again, help?


    2 weeks ago, on the first really sunny hot day of the year, as I was driving on the highway after 50km, the dreaded Transmission over temp message rang in the electronic dashboard..it felt like something hit me right in the head. I hate it. It causes panic.

    I had this issue on hot summer days last year and eventually bought an infrared heat gun off amazon or ebay as suggested by others to see if the transmission oil is really hot. When I bought it, it never occurred again as Fall had just begun and it never really got hot again. It did not occur all winter either.

    When it last happened 2 weeks ago, I pulled over, looked and felt the transmission oil, all seemed normal, it was not hot. I went to the dealer and explained him all this, and one of the managers there said to ignore it after asking me questions.

    We had performed a bunch of stuff last year such as cleaning some parts but it seemed to not have helped. I also started receiving this message a few days after I had performed a terrible boost on my friend's car which drained my battery. I than had to get it recharged... I'm just wondering if that caused all this...

    What would you guys do? Also, where does one point that infrared gun exactly? I have a 2006 Laredo 4.7 V8.


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    Re: Transmission over temp issue...is back again, help?

    I don't have the answer to your problem, other than to say make sure that your transmission filter has been changed, and the fluid is fresh. Once the fluid has been overheated / burnt, it needs to be replaced.

    My Wrangler transmission would go overtemp when offroading, so I installed an additional transmission cooler. It seemed to help:
    http://www.jeepz.com/forum/engine/40...r-install.html (Transmission cooler install)

    If I had to guess where you should take the temperature, I'd say the transmission pan, on the bottom of the transmission.
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    What ^^he^^ said. If your fluid is brown change it and the filter.

    Post "boost" or jumping another vehicle should not effect yours, if done correctly. It should not drain your battery. Get your battery load tested and clean terminals and connectors. Clean grounds as well. A low charged battery or charging issue will cause strange things in the electrical system including CEL lights for low sensor voltages.

    Number 1 issue is battery and connections.

    I kind of feel like a skipping record on battery and ground connections, but it is true and the cheapest fix out there.
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