My first real trail fix (gas tank skid came loose)


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Went offroading this weekend, and had a bit of trail damage. A rock caught gas tank skid and pulled the front down, causing it to hang down from the front. My friend noticed it flopping before any real damage was done though.

We had a rough time getting the tank back in place because the rear tracbar was preventing me from just pushing it back up. We eventually put the jack under the gas tank and jacked it up, while I pried between the trackbar and the skid plate until it popped over the trackbar. I had brought a handful of random nuts and bolts, so we were able to find some that worked to bolt it into place.

All in all things worked out pretty good, and we were able to get back on our way after about 45 minutes.

I'm now shopping for an upgraded skid plate. I'll probably get an undercover fab plate, as I already have the engine and transmission by them.


that sucks that it happened but at least you get a new skid

i wonder how odd the rock had to hit to grab the front and pull it off?
I suspect that one, or maybe even all three of the nuts had worked their way off, and the skid was supported by the rear trackbar. This is just a guess, because the treads on the bolts were fine, and the nuts were missing.

I had a heck of a time getting the skid back in place (above the rear trackbar), so I have a feeling that was what supported it. My axle likely dipped low enough, that the rock could pull it free.