1. Help me price this off road cherokee

    Hi Everyone - I'm trying to price this Cherokee a friend of mine is selling. It's a 2000 with 100K and runs great, but it has a lot of extras and I'm not sure how that affects the price. Here are some photos that show pretty much everything. There are also some things under the hood, like a custom radiator with extra fans.

    Cherokee - Google Photos

    This is in Washington State.


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    Re: Help me price this off road cherokee

    First shop around for a replacement. That will give an idea.
    Second is aftermarket parts never gain a selling price close to what was spent.
    But list all aftermarket parts and note the ones that are new with zero trail or miles on them.

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    Re: Help me price this off road cherokee

    Mods lower the price, to Me. I don't look at vehicles people did stuff too
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    Re: Help me price this off road cherokee

    It's a good time to sell - things are super expensive right now.

    Ebay can be a good source of what has actually sold:

    I'd guess between $4500 and $7500

    Some pictures of the entire Jeep from the outside would be good for the ad. All the aftermarket parts make me worry the body is beat up (from offroading).
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    Re: Help me price this off road cherokee

    The mods make it hard to price. A mod done poorly can significantly detract from the vehicle's value and the ownership experience. For example, good luck tracing any existing or future problems relating to the wiring if that switch panel.

    If it were me, I'd be looking for a stock vehicle and then add the mods I wanted, if any.

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