Hello all
I didn't do this build but I purchased it and want to wrap it up myself to save money for more mods later... the few issues are this:
- For one reason or another, he removed the srs system, and the srs light no longer illuminates with the key which is an Inspection issue.
- He also replaced the original jeep liberty instrument cluster panel(ICP) with the ICP from the mid 80's S-10 truck he got the tranny from so he could have the speedometer(which was pretty ingenious) but I think I prefer the Liberty ICP and wondered if I would need to replace the full wiring harness for that(since he chopped the existing harness for the 350 swap), or can I boogie wire those conductors from the jeep icp wiring harness connector to each their respective connections? I have a couple more questions, but this is a great start, hopefully someone has some idea what will work! Any input would be appreciated!
Thank You!