1. C

    ‘85 CJ 350 swap help

    Hello !!! New cj owner and new to forum. My cj had a 350 swap and now has shift box on floor. A B&M race shifter was put in and the box impedes 4WD shifting. Can I just replace shift bar or do I need to replace entire unit ? Lokar shifters ? Thank you in advance !!!! Sincerely- Cutter
  2. L

    Transmission and Axle advice needed!

    I've got a 1985 CJ7 with the T5 transmission. Seems that I need new synchros as 4th isn't smooth shifting into and reverse is popping out. Seems difficult to find anyone that works on manual transmissions these days though I know I can go that route, but I'm considering my options. I'm trying...
  3. R

    4cylinder to v8 swap

    Hi, I'm new to the jeep world and already want more power haha.I have a 1981 cj5 with a 4 cylinder 4 speed and I'm looking for the EASIEST, SIMPLEST and most common rout to take when you wanna swap out a 4 banger motor and bellhousing out for a v8, but want to keep the 4 speed? should the v8 be...
  4. Y

    4.3 V6 swap in CJ7

    Thinking hard about replacing my tired Iron Duke with a carbureted 4.3. I'm pretty sure it will bolt up to my T5 without issue for the time being, I will eventually be putting in a SM 420 or 435 because I know the T5 will get worked over eventually. Engine mounts, radiator/cooling...
  5. M

    Hello, I'm new here and am looking to learn.

    Hi, I'm Mike. I've been driving Jeeps, on and off, for close to 40 years. Unfortunately I didn't spend much of that time learning about them. I am mechanically inclined as I restore Harleys for a hobby. Now I'm ready to build a Jeep. Baby steps at first but I hope to learn quickly. I guess the...
  6. Z

    Head swap

    Can I use 2001 to 2004 4.0 head on my 1981 258?
  7. P

    06 liberty slightly damaged with a NSG370 trans

    I recently was forced into buying a 06 jeep liberty 3.7 with a 6spd (X-GF vehicle I sort of took it without permission and hit a guard rail with it) so long story short she extorted me for way more than this jeep liberty was worth because you she was threatening me with all sorts of charges...
  8. 1

    '02 Liberty with mid 80's GM 350 4-bolt/5-Spd.manual, 4x4. shoring up some loose ends

    Hello all I didn't do this build but I purchased it and want to wrap it up myself to save money for more mods later... the few issues are this: - For one reason or another, he removed the srs system, and the srs light no longer illuminates with the key which is an Inspection issue. -...
  9. O

    Engine Swap Compatibility

    I recently found a very rusty 1989 Jeep Wrangler with an HO 4.0 Engine. I also own a 1998 Cherokee with a solid body but no oil pressure at idle on a 4.0, HO engine. I was wondering if there are any major differences between the two engines that would make them difficult to swap. I would like...
  10. T

    1964 CJ-6 restore, diesel swap, axle swap

    As the title implies this will be a long haul of a build, so I'll lay out what I have so far and the choices I will need to make as far the setup an hopefully some of you can help me make the rite call to make this girl a truly trail capable rig. Keep in mind I am working on budget and can't go...
  11. ParsonMac

    CJ7 Front Hub Assembly Swap

    While in Moab this last week, I decided to take a look at the bolts holding my Superwinch (junk) hubs to the hub/rotor assembly flange as I'd been having trouble keeping them snug. Wouldn't you know, two of them where sheared off leaving the stud in the hub flange. I now only have two bolts (one...
  12. timgcummins

    304 swap

    hey guys i need some ideas for a replacement for the stock 304 in my 78 cj7 it has an automatic and quadratrac im thinking maybe a chevy 350??? id like to keep it as easy as possible
  13. C

    Radiator for CJ7 350

    As I swap from my 258 I6 to the 350 V8, the radiator in/out are on opposite sides. I found the "special" Jeep 350 radiator for $550. But I think there are other radiators that could fit, but are spec'd for a - chevelle maybe. Does anyone know of a similar 3-core radiator for the 350 that fits...
  14. C

    CJ7 exhaust for sb 350 swap?

    I am pulling the I6 and dropping a sb Chevy 350 in its place on our 84 CJ7. I'm looking for ideas for the exhaust. I found Hedman has a set of headers for a CJ with a sb 350. What do you recommend for exhaust? I had side pipes on my 76 CJ that had an AMC 304 and really liked them. Are there...
  15. M

    Quick and cheap XJ seat fix!

    OK I have no pix as of yet, but when I get my 90 Pioneer back in possession, I will take the pix as I do it to that rig and re-write this. As for now, I see Jeepers buying seats from other Jeepers and having them shipped at great expense. I assume this is because the typical XJ has collapsed...
  16. Lucihale

    AMC Two-Thirty-SCREWED?!?!

    Just like any other time I've had a problem, I'll poke around and see what I can fix using Google and mechanical intuition; failing that, I come here. To the experts, for help in diagnosis, repair options and general aid. THANK YOU ALL IN ADVANCE! :!: The Engine- AMC 232 w/ Webber 2bbl...
  17. C

    MC2150 swap

    Can someone please direct me to a thread or tell me what to do with the electric feedback solenoid on a MC2150? I can't find much info on what others have done, and the searches have too many threads to sort through. Block it off, leave it on...? This goes on a '72 Commando, so I have no...
  18. Lucihale

    '73 CJ5 Trans swap.

    Hello gentlemen (and some ladies), I've got a '73 CJ5 with an AMC 232 mated to the stock (I BELIEVE it's stock) 3 speed transmission. I would LIKE to put a 5 speed in there instead, however I'm not sure what would be the best to attempt. Price IS an issue, but I understand that it's not...
  19. DeadHammer

    Front axle swap question?

    Can a front axle from a late model Cherokee be swapped over to a TJ? I need to replace my front Dana 30 on my 98 TJ Sport.
  20. W

    What engine do I have.

    Is there a web site or does anyone know how to determine what year and what size engine I have? I got an engine from what I think was a cherokee. I remember it being the old square style with lines going across the top of it. I want to say it was like a 70 something. It was a couple years ago...