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    Guess that axle....

    Im going to use a stock distrubutor. Anyone have any tips or links to a good write up on this??? I think ya just remove the old one, slide the new one in, get #1 @ top dead center, then replace the wires and set the timing, but im not 100% sure. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    As u take the old cap off, note which place on the cap the rotor is pointing to. You could also use the dist housing as a reference to the rotor position. When u put the new dist in, put the rotor on and make sure that the rotor lines up on the new housing as it did on the old. After this is done, snug it down and set the timing with a timing light. Hope this helps. Sorry if it does'nt make sence, i never was the best at explaining things.

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