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    Hi people ,my first time here,I've got a problem and hope someone can help. Here goes 1986 CJ-7,258 ,t-5 speed,d-300t-case,d30 front,amc20-rear,I had a noise of what sounded like gears clunking in the trans area ,so I took out the trans to get it looked at,I was told the trans had spun a bearing ,out of my league,so I got another 5-speed trans put it in with a new throwout bearing,still the same noise,took the trans and transfercase out again,took the bellhousing off,the clutch and pressureplate looked worn so I replaced them.Put everything backtogether,still the same noise,the pioletbearing is new also.The noise is only when I am shifting,when the clutchpedal is pushed in the noise is there if I put the transmission in neutral and release the pedal the noise is gone,also if I put the transfercase in neutral while moving the noise dissapears,I put new trans mounts new motormounts,changed the fluids nothing there,what ever it is it dissapears when either the trans is in neutral,or the transfercase is in neutral. The only thing I haven't changed is the transfercase,from what I hear the d-300 is pretty tough. I hope somebody can help running out of money and patience,if I didn't love my jeep so much it would be long gone.Sorry for the long post.Canexel [addsig]

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    Back '87 I had a 85 cj-7 I had to get rid of it due to carb and clutch problems( nothing to due with the lack of roads I drove on I'm sure) The last problem I had sounds very close to yours, I was told it was the belt in the transfercase and it would be $$$$$ to get it fixed.It diddn't ever get worse or give me any trouble,but, I decided (I was in the navy) to get rid of it. I put some slick 50 for manual trans(I dont remember what brand) in the transfercase and the noise went away in minutes, I drove it 300 miles home and traded it in without a noise, from that point on I'm sold on those additives, just havn't needed them, might be worth a shot!!?[addsig]
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