83 CJ7 knock


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Have owned this Jeep for almost 3 years, have put 7000 miles on it in that time. It was a frame off by the previous owner. New clutch and throw out bearing in the last 500 miles. Last week it started to develop a knock but only after driving around for 25 minutes or so. It will sit in the driveway idling for a half hour but not make the noise. Once it starts knocking, it?s gets faster as I give it gas. It still knocks if I press the clutch pedal. I have dumped the oil and cut open the filter but didn?t find any metal. I pulled each spark plug wire one at a time to try to narrow it down to a particular cylinder but didn?t notice any change in the knock. Oil pressure is good according to the gauge in the dash and it?s not running hot. Noise sounds low in the motor, it?s not a ticking or clicking sound but a definite knock, but only after driving around for a good 10 miles or so. I?ve heard throw out bearings make noise but not like this. They also seem to be pretty constant. Engine never smokes not even at start up. Oil pump? Pilot or throw out bearing? I?m stumped. I?ve found other posts on various forums of people having similar issues but they?re old posts and don?t seem to have a resolution. If anyone has any ideas I?d love to hear them. Thanks.

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Does it do it when moving or stopped or both. Consistent with Rpm or speed?

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run the biscuit till it dies,. I have a 94 wrangler with 170,000 miles. runs like a sewing machine.

maybe a clutch bolt back out and is hitting something once stuff warms up and expands?

our cherokee did it with the torque converter bolts. thats why i brought it up. apparently its common enough that my dad brought it up when i told him the jeep was making a weird knocking noise. he was exactly right for what it was