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    Big Transmission Fluid Leak/Fix?

    Hi Guys:

    I have a problem with my '85 CJ7. A couple days ago, I saw a whole lot of transmission fluid on the garage floor under the Jeep. Since I'd gotten it a year ago, it had an occasional, slow leak which I had dealt with by periodically topping it off.

    Anyway, it is now a big leak/problem. I looked at the pan and nothing seems awry (no loose/missing bolts, or anything obvious). The fluid was kind of all around the perimeter of the pan, not coming from any one place, at least that I could see.

    So, what do you think could be the problem? Could it maybe just be a seal or gasket? If so, is that something I could remedy myself (I am a real greenhorn mechanically)? Do I just remove that skid plate (or whatever it is) that is below the pan, then remove the pan bolts, then what? Is there just a gasket to replace, or is there a filter, or what? If someone could give me a simplified step-by-step instruction, I would really appreciate it.

    If I choose not to deal with it myself, could I fill it with fluid, then drive it 10 or 15 miles to my brother-in-law's mechanic shop, without risking any damage to i?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I need HELP!


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    Re: Big Transmission Fluid Leak/Fix?


    Clean all the fluid off around the pan and everywhere, fill it up and run it, check for leaks. Due to gravity fluid, like crap will run down hill, check all around the top of the tranny and what not, you should be able to find your leak...then you can decide if you can fix it or not. Before you go throwing gaskets and stuff on it, you gotta find where it's coming from. In the end it could just be a leaky pan gasket...but does it have a gasket or is it RTV..I don't know.
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    Re: Big Transmission Fluid Leak/Fix?

    Automatic? Try tightening the pan bolts. They occasionally vibrate loose. Don't overtighten them though. If it has a cork gasket it might split.
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    Re: Big Transmission Fluid Leak/Fix?

    i over tightened a cork gasket once. lost a ton of fluid and learned to spend money on good gaskets. and locktight the pan bolts. it will help
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