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    AC Compressor won't engage

    I recently replaced my seized up AC Compressor, drier, and orifice in my 98 Sahara. Pulled a vacuum, verified no leaks, and put as much r134 in as possible without the compressor engaging. I used a 14 gauge wire to jump the low pressure and high pressure sides with no luck. When I jumped it directly from the compressor to the positive battery terminal it engaged immediately. I swapped AC relay with one I know to be working. Any suggestions what could be my issue. The slider works for fan, heat, etc. but I cannot get the compressor to kick on. Thanks.

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    Re: AC Compressor won't engage

    Is there a sensor by the drier? That's the one I jumper to engage mine if the pressure is to low to kick it on

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    Check both fuse. One in the fuse block under the hood and one behind the glovebox. If one of those fuses is blown, the cycling switch won't engage the clutch.
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