Thread: WJ axle in a TJ

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    WJ axle in a TJ

    will a dana 30 from a 1999 WJ grand cherokee bolt into a 97 tj? what mods would be needed? the brakes are different i think, what about the steering setup?

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    Re: WJ axle in a TJ

    I believe the ZJ and XJ D30 will swap over to a TJ, I do not think a WJ axle will. I believe the control arm mounts are slightly different.

    That said, WJ steering, knuckles and brakes will swap to a tj D30 and are upgrades and will allow for High Steer. You need to change the bolt pattern but Google search it, plenty of write ups out there.
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    Re: WJ axle in a TJ

    The WJ axle is wider as are the all of the mounts. Swap the knuckles and brakes over to your D30 axle. You will need to replace the ball joints as the WJ upper ball joints are different than the TJ, but the lowers are the same. Also you will need to buy a pair 1/4" thick unit bearing spacers. They are to keep the ball joints centered with the u-joints. There's more to this swap, but in the long run it is worth it.

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