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    91 Wrangler fuel guage issues

    My grandson just had to have a Jeep. :)

    His parent bought him a 91 with the 4 banger. So I have spent a LOT of time doing repairs.

    The fuel guage quit working. Cut the tailpipe, dropped the tank, and installed a new fuel pump/sender unit assembly.

    Now, turn on ignition the guage reads fine. Start driving, guage reads fine. Hit it brake pedal, guage drops to zero.

    Only one other issue with vehicle currently. I'm only mentioning it because of any possible relationship.
    The brake warning light on the steering column stays lit no matter what. All four corners have new brakes, new master cylinder (full), bled properly.

    Anyone got any idea where to proceed?

    I'm worried that the symptom could be causing the sending unit to burn up. So, i don't want to keep hitting the brake.

    ECU starting to fail?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: 91 Wrangler fuel guage issues

    As far as the brake light staying on orbit the same light for the E brake? Not sure on the YJ if it is maybe something wrong with the E brake switch. As far as the gas gauge maybe a bad wire or ground? I am not sure if They are eltronic or Manuel gauges in a 91

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    Re: 91 Wrangler fuel guage issues

    I have pulled out most of harness and inspected.

    Checked all the grounds.

    Removed the left over wiring from many previous owners attempts to install stereos of different vintages multiple times.

    I have dash apart.

    I think i may have a turn signal switch issue, so I have ordered a new Crown unit.
    (Left brake light only works if turn signal is on, right is OK)

    Suspect I need to change out the guage cluster unit (Chrsler #5600151767545).
    Only available used, so i could be buying anothers problem...

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    Re: 91 Wrangler fuel guage issues

    Pull up a wiring diagram on year of his jeep if you haven't done so already. Looks like coming off the PCM there's a wire that goes to the brake switch and a wire that comes off the brake switch that ties into the fuel pump relay and the automatic fuel pump shut down relay. Might be some type of wiring issue in that area. Just use the wiring diagram and chase the wires to look for corrosion or bad spots in the wiring. Just my 2 cents.

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