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    Well due to the cold weather and a crappy battery, I need a new one. My question is what battery to get? I think I'm gonna need a deep cycle one because I have 8 hella lights and a very large stereo system. What do you guys think?
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    Go get yourself an Optima Red Top... around 100 bucks but it's well worth it and you will have it for years! www.optimabatteries.com
    I got mine at pepboys.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong anyone but the deep cycle battery is designed to go from fully charged to drained then charged repeatedly. Such as on a trolling motor - charge it, drain it, charge it at the end of the day. I don't know how it would last in a car that the alternator constantly charges the battery.

    I would just get the highest CCA battery in your price range. Some say the Optimas are very good. I have no experience with them. I've always been partial to Interstate Batteries. (go Bobby Labonte )

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    Optima red top or any similar dry cell (orbital, grid, etc)
    Napa has one they call an Orbital, Interstate has one too. Same thing as the Optima.
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    Bye the way, you can get Optima batteries at Costco. Haven't actually priced them but Costco usually has pretty damn good prices on stuff like that. They're tire prices are awesome as well.
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    I believe going to fully drained will eventually ruin the battery, just not as quickly as it would ruin a regular car battery.

    Deep cycles should be safe draining down to 30% charged without negatively affecting the battery. This is compared to a normal car battery which should never be drained down past about 75% charged in order to prevent damage.

    Also, there should be no problems constantly charging a deep cycle...

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