2006 TJ Unlimited Extreme Heat A/C Enhancement

There is an evaluation of the 1997 under hood heat zones in forum-land.

In the New Orleans area Summer heat combined with the under hood heat requires intervention via active hood louvers as a bare minimum start to alleviate problems from compounding heat.

Does anyone have the ability to do the same multiple heat sensor testing as the 1997 study to find the 2006 paramount heat zone areas to actively louver?

I intuit that above the requires more ventilation than the 1997 five piece GenRight Off Road solution that doesn?t minimize ventilation close the the windshield as this area seems to need more ventilation than the ?spider? type full center louver patch.
So, have decided to get the five patch positioning of the GenRight Off Road System designed for the 1997 and cut a ?spider? type center louver patch to fit with the GenRight and add fans.

***If you have experience with air conditioner failure due to heat overload by under hood heat + outdoor temperatures, let?s talk about solutions to the system not designed for multiple maximum heat conditions.

Hood louvers,
Powerful fans to suck heat out of the louvers,
A Farad capacitor to support the electrical load of the headlights while the a/c is engaged,
The eleven blade MotorCraft YA220 radiator fan,

Maybe this is a great start to alleviating the heat, so that temperatures can allow the air conditioning to perform powerfully in extreme heat + under hood temperatures.

***Maybe some good heat sinking of the exhaust connection area to the engine might help cool down that area because it rises from that area. - I?d like a good professional opinion on this especially sense fans may draw air from this area up & out of the hood.

I hope that professional in the fields of air conditioning and also heat sinking / radiator science design can give me expect opinions / design thoughts &/or contact information on this important issue for all of us who love this vehicle, therefore want to make the thing work better to last a lifetime.

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So are there more issues than AC failure due to heat overload?
Do you have some numbers and what temp is the engine running at?
Back to factory conditions. Like is there anything in front of your grill? Inserts or blackouts? Is your AC condenser fins clean and clear?Is the AC charged properly? Heater core fins blocked and internal fan running? Any signs of frozen lines?
At or above 30 mph airflow is sufficient to pull engine heat. Below a fan needs to support. So is your clutch fan kicking in properly?
Is your radiator stock? If mot you might not have enough fin density.
If using an electric fan 2800 fps is needed. Black magic from flex a lite is >>3300fps
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our tj has no issues staying cool and we are just as humid, but hotter temps than new orleans here along the coast in south texas. like, the city i live is a port city too and we have the intercoastal waterway and a river coming to us too so we are very similar so i think it might be your cooling system has something going on.

i have actually never had a cooling issue on any stock jeep, be it mj, cj, zj, yj, jk, or tj.
I'm in Virginia, we have humidity, but I think you've got me on the heat.

My 2005 TJ does fine, and doesn't have any cooling problems. I was surprised the other day, after coming home I wanted to work on the Jeep, but the hood was too hot to touch, let alone open. The Jeep was still clocking normal temps.