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    so many sweet jeeps

    didn't see any new ones like mine....... but I saw a TON of sweet looking older jeeps that I've never seen, (and probably never will here) when I was in Buenos Aires the last couple of weeks..... a ton of flatties, beach cruiser wagon type deals, etc, etc. I've seen a lot of sweet old jeeps, but they didn't produce these babies over here..... and these people drove them, there weren't a lot of nice cars in B.A. of any type...... I also saw a bunch of them in Uraguay, again, daily drivers for sure.......... none were modded etc...... they all have make-shift tops etc..... no doors usually, and certainely no radios! I saw a 'couple' of land rovers with "patagonia land rover club" stickers, but not one jeep set up for off roading (actually there were a couple, but they seemed like chop jobs that were jeep bodies on other frames etc.) I wish I would have taken pics, but I saw so many, they probably would have attacked me for taking the photos!

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    Re: so many sweet jeeps

    Argentina is the home of the 2wd cj's.

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