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    Daily Driver?!?!?

    No one here hates the daily driver......right? Clean, see your face in the paint, maybe one or two little scratches, stuck once or twice off roading since purchased a while back, modest modes so that the stock config isnt too outta whack, the little rubber nibs on the stock tires, happy to have a Jeep type of thing rockin......right?!?!? Tell me I fit in.....TELL ME!!!

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    Re: Daily Driver?!?!?

    Only vehicle I own (see my sig). But no rubber nibs and no stock tires (first thing to go). And can't see your face in my paint - hood paint is cracking, there's some 5 year old hail damage, and there's usually various amounts of mud here and there. The only thing I don't like about it being a daily driver is that it holds me back at times from challenges I'm sure she could handle.......but I gotta worry about getting back home and to work the next day. Mine's a little 4banger SE.............I'd be MUCH more tempted if I had a Rubi.

    Still the best vehicle I've ever owned in 40+ years of driving and I never really worried about "fitting in". This Jeep works for me and that's all that really matters.
    Just Enjoy Every Possibility!

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    Re: Daily Driver?!?!?

    My daily driver is on 35"s with spools in both axles. But I'm not right.

    Ya, you fit in just fine.

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    Re: Daily Driver?!?!?

    Mine is also a daily but the paint is scratched and small dents here and there.Always looking for an off road way to get home.

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    Re: Daily Driver?!?!?

    Mines on 35's, gets about 10 -11 mpg, i have this squeaking noise coming from god knows where drivin me crazy, hood scratched from the saturday night drive ins, custom pin strips, with faded fenders to top it all off =], only been stuck twice once because the drive shaft broke, (i take her trough some rough stuff) its my daily driver but i also love driving it
    My Jeep has a 5th gear??

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    Re: Daily Driver?!?!?

    Mine is my daily driver. I am neurotic about maintenance. Waxing, etc. I traded my brand new 2008 Scion TC for this Jeep. It is my third jeep. I had a 1986 CJ7 when I was younger, and a 1994 Sahara about 13 years ago. I just wanted something a little more fun and durable than the Scion TC. I also have a worked up 1989 GTA Trans Am, that I have have had for a while. And a 1994 Harley Davidson. My wife drives a 2008 Scion Xb. My jeep has a couple nicks and minor scratches. It was a one owner older person Florida car before I got it ( 25,000 miles) I do take it through some minor mud, down trails, etc with the kids. They love it, but I am real careful and don't hammer it fast through the trails or mud. I take things slow and easy and have fun. Synthetic oil changes every 3000 miles, I am silly with maint. I take the GTA out once or twice a month to work on a Saturday, and the Harley out maybe once or twice a month.


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    Re: Daily Driver?!?!?

    My Daily drive is super clean. just waxed and tire shined it over the weekend. But it is not a jeep.
    It used to be a jeep Thing,
    But all that stuff broke


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