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  1. Your thoughts.

    What do you think of using electrical conduit to fab a cargo rack?

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    Re: Your thoughts.

    not very strong

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    Re: Your thoughts.

    You can get it in galvanized tubes that are made for outdoor use, or do you think this is to flimsy too. Ive seen them made with the top of a futon bunk bed and that cant be much stronger.

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    Re: Your thoughts.

    Another name for electrical conduit is "thinwall". that says a lot about it's strenght(or lack thereof). I don't think it would be very good for a cargo rack that would be used for anything very heavy. Thicker walled aluminum or heavier steel tubes would be way more suitable for weight carrying capacity.
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    Re: Your thoughts.

    You can bend conduit with your hands.

    If anything use some square tube and angle iron.If you can weld it can look nice if not bolt it together.Angle iron allready has the holes in it and makes the rack adjustable.

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    Re: Your thoughts.

    I run conduit almost everday. It's made to be ductile. Even rigid pipe is made to bend, although it is MUCH stiffer. It won't work well for a rack that needs to meet a certain load capacity.

  7. It would be a great idea! (if it wasn't for earths gravitational pull)

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    Re: Your thoughts.

    if it is just for looks, go for it, I wouldn't secure anything to it though.

    I would suggest sch. 40 black pipe. you can make a bending jig by clamping an old brake drum to a table, heat up the pipe and bend it by hand. weld it together, grind the welds, clean up the pipe and paint it. good to go.
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    Re: Your thoughts.

    thanks for the input, I'm not only going for looks but functionality also. I know I don't want too much weight up there though so I would think I should use some sort of lite tubing and not iron? Don't have excess to welder so I have to use some sort of couplings to attach the tubes with bolts, then just u bolt it to my racks.

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