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  • Hey I saw one of your posts that you live in Evergreen and would be possibly willing to work something out on helping install a lift kit. I have a 2010 Wrangler Unlimited and want to put a 2.5" lift on it, however I don't have all the right tools and unsure about doing it myself! Especially since this is my only vehicle and I need to drive it to work everyday lol.. Anyhow let me know if you may be interested! If it's any consolation I'm not a complete ding dong, I have a masters in mechanical engineering haha
    Thanks for your reply. I was wondering if I could get some more info. Things like what vehicles that might have the 4.3 tbi/sm420 combination. I'm fairly new at this exstensive of a swap. For instance the cost or skill level involved. Also, maybe you could give me a little insite on how your swap is going. Thanks again.
    Thanks for the advice greatly appricated ill try to get some pics on here soon maybe u will have some more helpful hints then lol
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