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    Lowered gas prices

    Was just wondering how good the decrease in gas price per gallon is helping. $20 is taking me 60-100 miles on the average . That's up from 40-60 at previous prices. I may not travel,the distance some of you do and I don't usually use highways very often or on the average. Maybe this will vary with some of your mpg averages. Curious to know how these decreases are affecting you in your neck of the woods.
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    I'm cherishing this moment every time I go to fill up. It's just takes a little over $20.00 . As far as the economy is concerned, not good. A lot of people lost their jobs from layoffs unless your in production. 9000 from BP corporation alone. The other companies also have done the same. This creates a domino effect on everyone whether you see it directly or not. Last November , one of my client from the ranch had scheduled a hunt for this May and booked it for six hunters. After the layoff, he called me and said that only 2 is going to make it on the hunt since the other 4 lost their jobs. That means I have to call off 4 guides that I scheduled for the hunt so on so forth... From what I've gathered , the prices are going to go back up but not as high and hopefully re hire the employees that was a part of the layoff.

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