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    Thought I broke her...

    So last weekend, I took my father out in the 2019 Cherokee Trailhawk to Mt Baldy (Colorado Springs area). There’s a series of trails along FS 379 with some fairly tough sections level 3-4 mostly with a few optional 5 sections for serious rigs made of deep rut trails.

    We did not do any of the 5 stuff, but we did all the rest tobhis amazement. I even hit a pretty deep mud patch followed by some deep water, and it started...

    ...horrible stretching, like nails on a metal chalkboard. We exchanged a ‘that’s not good’ look.

    Except, we found nothing. Nothing, stuck, nothing broken, nothing showing scrape marks, it was wet, a tad muddy, but pristine.

    The sound continued. Miles down the trail, an hour plus later, it still sounds like the wheel is ripping off. We made it down the mountain, my Jeep is basically screaming “everyone listen my owner broke me!”, and finally we hit an almost real road.

    At 30 mph, we hear a tiny rock fling and the sound halts. Brake caliper seems to have collected a very small hard pebble and scraped it along the caliper out of sight.

    A week later, we’ve found no problem or issues. But she did pick her first very minor underbody scrapes that trip. Got stuck on a rock for a few minutes, it was great, we had a blast.

    Pushed it a bit harder, drive through much of it a lot faster than last time. Still very proud of the new KL’s ability as a serious off-road Jeep.

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    Re: Thought I broke her...


    I'd check the back of those rotors for a deep groove.

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    Re: Thought I broke her...

    I def crawled around under her a bit looking and couldn’t see one, but I’ll get her in for a multipoint inspection this week.

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    Re: Thought I broke her...

    It's great to hear about people wheeling their new Jeeps. Post up some photos when you have time.
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