Diagnosing this sound - rear wheel bearing?

96 XJ here. A sound is coming from my driver side rear wheel area that started as what sounded like maybe a rock in the tread, small repeating tick the same frequency as wheel rotation, and now has developed into a more aggressive rubbing sound. Suspecting a bad bearing, I did the hard left turn right turn test while going down a wide straight road but didn't hear anything definitive. What I have noticed, though, is that the sound doesn't happen at all when I'm accelerating even a little, but only happens when I'm coasting and braking. I was able to diagnose it as definitely coming from my driver's side rear when I had my buddy drive and I stuck my head out each of the back side windows.

Is there any part other than a wheel bearing that makes this kind of sound when it goes bad? Because something is definitely going bad.
Brakes, wheel bearing, u-joint, control arm. Loose lugs.

To check wheel bearing jack the wheel up off the ground engine off. Brace it on jack stands. Then try to lift the tire up and down. There should be no play. You could use a long board or pole to help.

To check u-joints with the jeep on the ground rotate the driveshaft back and forth by hand. There should be zero play.

For the control arms hack the frame up and support on jack stands. Ifyou lift the pumpkin or do one side at a time lifting tires with a long board there should be no play in the bushings

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