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    Help Please

    Hi. Im a newbie here and a First time Jeep Owner. I have a 2005 Jeep wrangler 6 speed 4.0L and my engine light JUST came on today. The guages all look normal but obviously theres something needing attention. My question is, where do I start on finding out where the issue is? I know I can take it it somewhere to have the codes read or have a mechanic look at it, which I will if it comes to that, but I know there are things I can check myself first.
    Im all about learning what I need to know about My Jeep. I know my way around my Chevy pickup but this is very new territory to me and I want to take care of her. I got lost trying to manuever and search around the forum site looking thru the posts.
    If anyone can please point me to the right thread so I can find out what to do or advise me what to check on my Jeep myself, I would GREATLY appreciate it. I hope everyone is having a Great evening and again, Thank You.

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    Help Please

    There is the key dance.
    Without starting the engine. Put the key in the ignition.
    Somewhat slowly (within 5sec) turn the key to 'on' then 'off' , 'on' then off and finally 'on'. Leave it in the 'on' position then read the odometer. You will see the codes pop up there followed by 'done'. Write the codes down and post them up.

    Auto Zone and OReilly's offer free use of their ODBII scanner.


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    Re: Help Please

    Get a scan. It could be as simple as a loose gas cap. AutoZone will scan at no cost.

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    Re: Help Please

    Thank you so much. The coolest thing ever..I learned how to pull the code myself by turning the ignition on partially 3 times. The code was P0153 so that was good to at least know why it was on. I looked it up it’s the oxygen sensor circuit. But now my light went back of and 2nd day with no light now. *sigh
    I still intend to fix the sensor tho.
    Thank you again for the help I appreciate it greatly!

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