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    So my buddy came into town for out first in town university football game in his Hummer, so I started teasing him about how he is probably not going to use it like it is supposed to be used, so he says, "Let's go muddin!!"

    We decided to go to an old farm road that gets pretty good when it rains. It has been raining for about 3 weeks now, so that road was perfect for mudding. We where having a lot of making the trail bigger until I went a little of the trail, and I his a giant hole HARD. I just came to a dead stop! It took me a second or two to get my head straight, and I then tried to get out of the hole. My Jeep didn't move an inch back or forward, so I decided to go to 4LO . I go mudding often, and whenever it gets tuff, my 4LO has always pulled through for me, but not this time! I was in there pretty good. I mean, it didn't even budge with the 4LO! So, instead of breaking something, I patiently waited for my buddy to turn back around and come winch me out. Well, this is when the fun started. He thought that his Hummer would not have a problem with the mudd so he parks a few feet in front of my Jeep and sinks like a stone! I told him, "dude, you are not going to be able to get out of this" He replies, " Al, it's a Hummer! Don't worry about it". So we connected the tow strap and he puts his Hummer in gear. To his surprise, he was only able to move a couple of feet back. He went back and forth a bunch of time and he just couldn't get it out, so we disconnected the straps from my Jeep and he continued to try to get his Hummer out. Well, he ended up getting even more stuck than my Jeep was. He finally gave in and pulled out his winch and used my Jeep as a tree to get from where he was stuck.

    To make the long story short, he finally got out of the hole he was in after 1 1/2 of trying. And then we used the winch to pull my Jeep out I was not able to take a picture of his Hummer when it was stuck in the mud because it was raining, and I did not want to ruin my camera, but I did take a picture on my Jeep after the rain stopped. Sorry if they a bit large.-Al


    My incapacitated Jeep


    Hummer just got out of the mud and is pulling me out!
    My Friends Jaime and Kasey are in the pic.


    My Jeep out of the mud

    Oh well, I guess I owe a Hummer one. I could have made it out with a winch too, so that is my next thing on the list. Well, I had a heck of a good time, even if I got stuck and I plan to go out there again, but Iwill be sure to have somebody with a winch with me until I get one of my own-Al

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    First time being stuck in the mud and Hummer was stuck too!!

    this just reinforces what I have been saying all along.. driving off-road is 60% driver, 30% tires, and 10% vehicle.... put an inexperienced person n a hummer and they will get stuck.. put an experienced person in a stock 4x4 pickup and they might get through it.....
    When I Die, Bury me in my JEEP. 'Cause it's never been in a hole it couldn't get out of!

    1995 Grand Cherokee w/ swaybar disconnects and 30" tires and a 2000 Grand Cherokee stock.

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    All and all sounds like a good time :)
    Down With the Round

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    Fun aint it! If you never get stuck or have to bacvk away from an obstical you just are not wheeling hard enough. Pust the limits then you will know what you need to do to make it better for next time. Tug

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    proper removal of soft top on '81 CJ5 ?????

    i hope it wasnt an H2 that pulled you out.

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    good grief
    It used to be a jeep Thing,
    But all that stuff broke


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    95 YJ 2.5 almost converted 2 95 YJ 4.0 w/ 2002 TJ 6 cylinder

    K K,

    Looks like great fun to me, but then I'm a pro at being stuck. Kinda helps your story to have a Hummer involved! Thanks for sharing dude. lol
    I have many addictions.. I mean hobbies!

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    Yeah, the interesting part of my story was the Hummer. I had never been in a situation where I could not get out on my own. I am glad I took the advice from the guys and disn't go wheeling on my own. Hey, there is not shame in getting stuck. It will eventually happen to all offroaders. Heck, now I have an excuse to get myself a winch.-Al

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