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    well ive been kicked out of the house. Im 18 if anyone cares and i have to have a running vehicle soo im going to try to replace the o2 sensor plug and if that dosnt fix it then im forced to sell as is. If anyone has a good running consistant vehicle willing to trade for a JEEP AND I MEAN a great llooking jeep with new motor but some minor electrical problems let me know - ill take anythings that runs good i have to get a job now crutch rocket car whatever. I hate to do this
    the cheap it worth 5500 in running condition

    blue wrangler
    4.0 manual transmission
    new motor with 70k miles on it
    cd player sound bar
    32" mud kings
    americian racing rims
    4" of total lift
    pioneer speakers
    116k miles on jeep

    let me know promis it wont last more then a day or two prepared to take a major loss i wouldnt do this if i diddnt have to make me an offer or deal[addsig]

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    I will give you a $1.00 :-D :-D :-D I will pick it up tomrrow :-D [addsig]
    NEED A TRANNY FOR A 1988 YJ 4.2.....HELP

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    Do you have pics of it?
    Email them to me at kletus@sbcglobal.net.

    Where are you located?

    I am located in Edmond, Oklahoma.

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    located in ohio but dont have pics[addsig]

  5. Hey, curious on what you need to sell? Cash isn't to abundant but who knows, let me know something asap, JeepKuntry@yahoo.com

  6. s-10 show truck 355 v-8 for sale or trade for jeep or ????

    i will trade you my s-10 truck. it has a 355 v-8. runs very strong. looks awesome. email me for pics. anthonyssmonty2aol.com

  7. Hey, you still have this? I have a good little car you will like. email at guy4hd@aol.com if you do.

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    broke my spring plate...so im going ahead with lift/goodies

    i will give you $1000 for it
    2000 sahara edtion 4 inch sus, 2 inch body, sye, cv drive shaft, 4:10 gears, 35 x 12.50 xterrains, wilderness roof rack, C02 onboard air, mountaineer rack, warn 10,000 lb winch. \"put your trust in the Lord\"

  9. I got $2,500.00 here to spend. Email me or PM me if interested.

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