1. 1977 CJ7 Build. (First vehicle/build)

    Hi I am just starting my restoration on my 1977 cj7. I am shooting for a frame off but may stray from it a little. I am 17 years old and this is my first restoration/project. I bought it a week ago for $1800 hoping for it to be a few easy fixes but didn't get so lucky. It has a AMC 304 v8 engine and 3 speed turbo 400 transmission, Borg Warner quadratrac transfer case,stock AMC 20 rear end and Dana 30 front end both with 3.54 gears, it has a 1 inch body lift and 2 inch extended shackles, currently some cheap aluminum wheels with 33-12.50-15 BFG mud terrains that are weather cracked and unusable. GM tilt column with a GT Grant steering wheel. Disk brake in front and drum in rear with stock brake booster. The 304 has the stock exhaust manifolds with flow-master exhaust with a small down-tip at the rear axle. It does currently run but I still have a huge list of parts list to fulfill
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 1977 CJ7 Build. (First vehicle/build)-image-2885014645.jpg  

    1977 CJ7 Build. (First vehicle/build)-image-1729844829.jpg  

    1977 CJ7 Build. (First vehicle/build)-image-2726249712.jpg  

    1977 CJ7 Build. (First vehicle/build)-image-1153988386.jpg  

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    I'm very excited about this jeep and will be sure to keep everyone posted on new progress. I made some more progress painting the windshield frame, dash, and took the gas tank and skid plate out to paint the skid plate and get the tank boiled since its been sitting with gas in it. I'll post some pictures in the morning when it's light out side. Next on the list is getting the new HEI distributor in and new brackets and figure out the poor wiring job the past owners have done.

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    Some photos of the jeep from the day I bought it.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 1977 CJ7 Build. (First vehicle/build)-image-2228148090.jpg  

    1977 CJ7 Build. (First vehicle/build)-image-3973683494.jpg  

    1977 CJ7 Build. (First vehicle/build)-image-3725397887.jpg  

    1977 CJ7 Build. (First vehicle/build)-image-3581382473.jpg  

    1977 CJ7 Build. (First vehicle/build)-image-2691945119.jpg  

    1977 CJ7 Build. (First vehicle/build)-image-726611475.jpg  

    1977 CJ7 Build. (First vehicle/build)-image-333283661.jpg  

    1977 CJ7 Build. (First vehicle/build)-image-377236581.jpg  

    1977 CJ7 Build. (First vehicle/build)-image-1314399610.jpg  

    1977 CJ7 Build. (First vehicle/build)-image-1093039102.jpg  

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    Re: 1977 CJ7 Build. (First vehicle/build)

    Not a bad deal on you jeep at all for $1,800. your gonna love it

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    Yeah I thought it was to. An I love it already. I've always wanted my own jeep and now I had one. I traded a beat up 1994 Toyota 4runner and $1000 when they were asking $1800

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    Some more work with the CJ. Painted the dash and windshield and gas tank skid plate,then cleaned up the motor a bit. New HEI distributor should be here in a few days with new plugs and wires.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 1977 CJ7 Build. (First vehicle/build)-image-1517905792.jpg  

    1977 CJ7 Build. (First vehicle/build)-image-2760455743.jpg  

    1977 CJ7 Build. (First vehicle/build)-image-599960148.jpg  

    1977 CJ7 Build. (First vehicle/build)-image-1134161680.jpg  

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