Remove manual JK center console


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Hey all. A couple questions so hang with me please.

2008 Jeep Rubicon Unlimited.

Yesterday my e-brake, which I?d already determined needed adjusting because at full up it was barely holding the brakes, just completely let go. Like the handle pulls up now with zero resistance. It feels to me like something came apart right there in the console. If I were guessing I?d say the cable end slipped out from whatever holds it to the ebrake handle.

Problem is I?m not sure how to remove the console to get to it and all of the videos I look at are for an automatic transmission. Mine is a manual. The differences are probably subtle but if anyone has any experience with this or can point me to a good video it would be appreciated.

Second thing is, if it comes to adjusting it someplace other than the console, all of the ebrake videos I can find show rear drum brakes. Mine are disc brakes. Anyone have info on adjusting the parking brake mechanism back by the rear wheel on a disc brake setup?

Thanks for any help at all.

your ebrake is still drums, they are inside the rotors, in the small flanged area by the bearings.

before you pull the console, have someone move the ebrake lever while you look under so you can see if its moving hte cable underneath and might have stretched or come loose somewhere underneath?