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    Re: 1983 cj5 restoration

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    Moving right along with this, looks great! What did you do the diffs with to make them look so super new?
    hi thanks. I just sanded them and cleaned them and then just went to lowes and bought the spray paint i wanted and just sprayed them myself. Im putting up pictures of my brake job i did today where i cleaned them and repainted them so check them out.

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    Re: 1983 cj5 restoration

    Hey everyone. So today I cleaned, painted, and rebuilt my rear brakes. I will do the front brakes this week. Then I will put all the new steel brake lines in.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 1983 cj5 restoration-img_5913.jpg  

    1983 cj5 restoration-img_5914.jpg  

    1983 cj5 restoration-img_5915.jpg  

    1983 cj5 restoration-img_5916.jpg  

    1983 cj5 restoration-img_5917.jpg  

    1983 cj5 restoration-img_5918.jpg  

    1983 cj5 restoration-img_5919.jpg  

    1983 cj5 restoration-img_5920.jpg  

    1983 cj5 restoration-img_5921.jpg  

    1983 cj5 restoration-img_5922.jpg  

    1983 cj5 restoration-img_5923.jpg  

    1983 cj5 restoration-img_5924.jpg  

    1983 cj5 restoration-img_5925.jpg  

    1983 cj5 restoration-img_5926.jpg  

    1983 cj5 restoration-img_5927.jpg  

    1983 cj5 restoration-img_5928.jpg  

    1983 cj5 restoration-img_5929.jpg  

    1983 cj5 restoration-img_5930.jpg  

    1983 cj5 restoration-img_5931.jpg  

    1983 cj5 restoration-img_5932.jpg  

    1983 cj5 restoration-img_5933.jpg  

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    Re: 1983 cj5 restoration

    hey everyone. so today i redid my front brakes. heres some pics.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 1983 cj5 restoration-img_5934.jpg  

    1983 cj5 restoration-img_5935.jpg  

    1983 cj5 restoration-img_5936.jpg  

    1983 cj5 restoration-img_5937.jpg  

  4. Re: 1983 cj5 restoration

    Awesome. Can't wait to c it finished!!

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