My $120 CJ7 build

[FONT=&quot]Ordered the Tru Trac for the rear today. I also found a veteran owned shop that will do the rear axle for me for quite a bit less, so I'm dropping it off there next week. I gave Summit Racing the shop address to ship the Tru Trac directly there. I'll be set to do stuff like work on the tub, brake lines, fuel lines, and the like over the winter. [/FONT]

Very impressive build. I'm working on my Jeep as well, but currently waiting for the new winter tires that I ordered at 4WheelOnline. I've decided to get a dedicated winter tire this year instead of reusing my all-season tires.
[FONT=&quot]No photos, but the rear has been done and back for a while. I got it put under the Jeep, but it isn't painted the final color yet, just black right now. Also I won't know if the pinion angle is right till I get the tub back on it and get more weight on it. It was rotated upwards on the CJ5 by the previous builder, and I'm sure it was tilted up too high, so I'll probably need to shim it down some. [/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Found a fabricator to weld me up a new fuel tank. Turns out the YJ tank I got with the tub will NOT fit in the CJ7 frame. So much for having the filler on the driver side the easy way. He's coming buy Wed to take measurements. [/FONT]