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  • Were you planning on selling them?
    I am not sure how you feel about things but my jeep has been a 12 year project and I am still working on it. Take it easy for now Brother. You got more important irons in the fire. As soon as the Good Lord helps you find something, you then think about the minor stuff.....
    Praying for you and your loved ones.
    God bless!
    I am glad you like them but I am so sorry about hearing that you got laid off. I will pray that you find something quick. As far as the other stuff... Don't worry about it. I will be here and can wait. Just concentrate on finding something soon.
    Again, best wishes to you my friend.
    hey hoss just got the windsheild brackets they look really great thanks... on the other things they really have to wait now i just got laid off yesterday but will get with you when things turn around for me
    just looked at the boxes jegs sells some but nothin like yours when i get some funds i will place an order with yeah on what i want done mentiond something about hood hold downs what do you have in mind..
    It is what it is....... New Orleans is not my kind of town... You should get your parts by Friday. They were sent USPS 3 days anywhere so you might have them on this weekend. I am ready to post some pics in about 1/2 hr of some battery boxes I made in the past. Let me know what you think.
    Tell me what you want and I will make them. Let me know ahead of time so I can start designing them.. No obligations. Remember, family first, toys later.... I will be here when ever you are ready. By the way, the machine is fixed, your are going to be ready to ship Tuesday.
    well thanks hoss as soon as i bring my savings back up i will start having you make the other bracketts, what I thinking if you could the windsheild bracketts on the out side and hood hinges only if you can
    I know that feeling........ Kids and family first then the toys for our selfes. Don't worry, I will be around for a while. If you decide to get them just let me know when you are ready. Enjoy the park brother!
    i am going to have to hold on till pay day. kids are off this week and want to go fishing and roller skating alot, ha ha ha. plus, we always go to sixflags for springs break so i know i will be broke, ha ha ha. i will in about two weeks though
    I will send you two sets just because of that. One with wasted dunes and one with Jeep just so you can switch once in a while.
    sounds good man I will let you know, and of corse when i do gotta have the jeep name on it :)
    No problem brother, I also make some aluminum billet battery boxes, changing the foot pegs to a new style, looking like a actual foot with a heel support to lay your foot on it made out of 1/4" aluminum diamond plate. Also working on my piccatiny rail utility bar above the dashboard to hold cups, phones and GPS. All separate attachments that can be mixed and matched. Long list of things that I had in the back burner and I want to bring to completion now. The cool thing is that none of these come from a catalog..... True custom stuff, not Chinese junk.
    no problem hoss might have some more stuff for you to make, thinking of those foot pegs and having you make a steering shaft cover for the dash, maby some other things. I will let you know and thanks for making those for me
    I just got finished working. I got your message with the tracking number. Once again, thank you. I will finish them Sunday or Monday and I will ship them to you Tuesday morning. You should have them by the middle of next week.
    Once again,
    Thank you.
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