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  • I know the picture you posted was from back in 11'. But it looks like you have the same radio antenna I have..Its a coil antenna. I was wondering if you ever replaced it. All the aftermarket ones Ive seen wont fit in the small hole. thanks Mike
    Sorry, I've been busy working my buns off. We had a healthy 9 lb. 2 oz. baby boy... Who looks just like me when I was his age.
    Hello I hope you are doing well. You had offer your front grill and I would pay the shipping. I came across a 1999 TJ grill we discovered it will not work. Thank you for the offer. Take care. Julio
    Ahhh, I just noticed there was a difference between the profile pic and avatar. Profile pic added. :D
    Who me?? I've had the bouncy jeep thing since I joined back in 03. You wouldn't want me to ruin a good thing now would you?
    It was this random sign in the desert of Kuwait off of the main trail off base. The Kuwaitis use all kinds of things to use as markers since one spot pretty much looks like another out there. I thought it was funny to have a 'speed bump' sign out in the midde of no where.
    Changed the profile pic. Apparently it's supposed to be a pic of ourselves. The speed bump sign I found in Kuwait didn't fulfil that situation. Now I'm cooking...
    LOL I'm trying! Can't seem to get the link working for the avatar. Been a long time since I've been on the forums. Besides, I thought I had a profile pic. Good thing it's a slow day a work.
    My sister lived in westmorland TN for six years...we went to the smokies...gorgeous.
    it lets me post if i follow the link from your profile. if i go to groups, in the community section, it won;t let me.

    let me try again really quickly though, to make sure i didn;t mess something up
    I just order for it to be "more adorable" it has to be adorable first...thanx :)
    They are mine...I think:)... they have been visiting my sister for the last few weeks but get back tomorrow and they said...and I quote "dad when we get back can we go 4x4 wheeling in the bumpy rig?"...ya they are great kids.
    Thank you for your birthday wishes....and I took your advise, a pinch of salt, a drop or two of lime (dont like lemon) followed by several glasses of This-will-kill-ya (tequila). Tipped one your way as well.
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